Because it could be you!
Because it could be you!

Wakefield Community Emergency Fund

The efforts of the emergency fund had a humble beginning in 2009. A few people recognized the power of giving of this small community and organized occasional events to help out people in urgent need. The fund got recognized and the need and demand grew. Eventually, the organizers felt that a sustainable fund was required to be in a position to provide immediate assistance for basic necessities of life to those in need, and avoid fundraising fatigue. A Board was created with a clear mission, values and funding criteria, and the Wakefield Community Emergency Fund was born from these efforts in 2009. Thanks to the generosity of the general public and local business, over $30,000 is provided to local families facing emergencies annually. This support, “by you” The Community, has enabled the organization to be effective in providing emergency financial support quickly and effectively when the need arises.

The Board of Directors

Andree Grand-Maitre, Charlie Landreville, Leigh Irvine, Bob Crawford and Gail Vent

About the logo

Bilingual WCEF logo

Quilting is as old as ancient Egypt and, in Europe, can be traced back to medieval times. Not only created for bedding, it was also created for clothing to provide warmth and comfort. Warmth, comfort and reassurance are the building blocks of the Wakefield Community Emergency Fund, so the choice of the Fund logo was directly inspired not only by the beautiful art of quilting but more so by the symbolism and the profound meaning that comes with it. Built on the square pattern of the traditional quilts, the logo incorporates a subdued W within the pattern. The sturdiest of techniques requires that the quilt layers be tied. Similarly, our community thrives on these very same ties that hold us together. Ties that have been forming for years are still growing today and multiplying, strengthening our communities’ links to one another. Quilts tell stories: stories of hardship, stories of love and it is those very stories that make our community so beautiful. Received as a gift, or passed on from generation to generation, we cherish the very thing that keeps us warm but most of all we care for it when it needs mending.