Because it could be you!
Because it could be you!

How you can help

There are many ways you can donate to the WCEF. For more information do not hesitate to contact the WCEF.

Ten good reasons why you should support the WCEF

  1. The WCEF strives to be an agent of beneficial change in people’s lives in the local community, as well as meet the needs of the moment.
  2. All funds donated to the WCEF are used by the WCEF and given directly to the point of urgent need.
  3. The WCEF seeks to reach out to those most in need in our community and does so without discrimination on the basis of need.
  4. We strive to be transparent and effective.
  5. The WCEF is an officially recognized charitable organization and keeps its administrative costs minimal (less than 1%.)
  6. The fund pays out no money in salaries. (All members are volunteers)
  7. Although donations are accepted year round, the WCEF seeks business and community support only twice in the year via special events.
  8. The WCEF provides support to the local community, as a whole.
  9. You can help people in your own community who need a helping hand.
  10. Because it could be you.

Unsolicited Donations

Are you planning a party or event and want to take the opportunity to raise money for the WCEF? Contact us and we can provide you with information pamphlets and posters on the WCEF for your event.


Our mission is to ease the burden of those in need by mobilizing the power of giving in the local community. Volunteers are always welcomed to assist the Board for special projects or for the planning and organizing of events. To ask about volunteering opportunities simply contact a board member.


To discuss sponsorship and partnership opportunities please contact a WCEF Board member.

  • Partnering with the Wakefield Community Emergency Fund connects businesses to an organization that is increasingly known in the community as helping assist residents in need in times of emergency .
  • Companies have the opportunity to increase their visibility.